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    Ashwani Sehji Interior Designer For Residential and Commercial Interior Designs

    Professionally qualified solutions provider for interior design, decoration, construction, renovation and turnkey project management for more than a decade.

  • Interior Designer

    Centuries have passed and encroachment has taken a fresh step. Interiors have become an imperative part of everybody's living. In the pursuit of exquisiteness and admiration one cannot be at the back. Moving forward with time we have always presented the best in the world of designs and interiors. From traditional to the all time rejuvenation, we have made our best foot forward to make a home inimitable in its own way. Space may be larger or smaller but the brilliance lies in its interior and the utilization of space offered.

  • Ashwani Sehji

    Here we will guide you in designing attractive, yet functional facilities, saving you countless hours and costly mistakes. We believe in more than simply matching a chair to a desk and a cube. We think of your space in terms of an asset as well as aesthetics, putting as much prominence on efficiency and flow as sensory exhilaration. We generate a volume to the vague area. Through the use of organized modus operandi we create a new-fangled look to an old looking area.

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